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Team Records

This feature will have all the required team details such as team player's name, team players type and required settings.

Player Records

This is the screen where you would get to know about the player's details such as players name, players team, players type, total runs, wickets and etc.

Live Score Update

This feature will let you update with the Live running scores information.

Latest News Update

The latest news about regarding the match and its update is flashe on the Home screen.

Search Engine Box

Here you search for any Team Name, Players name to get the information.

Upcoming Match Update

Here, you would get all the details of the upcoming matches viz. teams name and date.

Team Gallary

The photo gallary will have all the team's images with there name.

Score Update On Application

The score has been simultaniously updated to the relative application to for the latest follow ups.

Generate Large Score Screen

This is the screen in which admin can generate to see the all the required information all together at once for the match. Also, using this the admin can display on the large ground screen for the audience

Clients - Cricket App

Utsav Yuvarambh
VOJAIN Yuvak Mandal
Rajput Sports Club

Utsav Yuvarambh Cricket App - Screenshots