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Hotel Management Software

Room Details

This page would include the types of room the hotel has viz. AC, non AC, double bed, single bed with the facilities these rooms have.

Room Booking

This page would have a booking form with all the required fields such as full name, contact no, address, no of person and identity proof. Also, this page will have all the room types details with price and bank account details. The user can book there room through this page as per there choice. We provide the option for the user to delete their booking or any specific room if they wish to.

Booking Calendar

The user can check the availability of rooms though this booking calender. This shows the room booked and which are available.

Multiple Users
Payment Records

Payment transaction bank details are carved into the Booking page with the details such as Bank name, Branch Address, Account name, Account number and IFSC code. So the user can easily make a booking online.

Email / SMS Confirmation

This is the feature through which the user would receive the SMS or email confirmation when they book for a room

Online Booking Option

The online booking option would let you get introduced with all the booking details required. First you need to fill a short form and then you can select the kind of stay, date, and room that suits you and get yourslef booked.

Restaurant Bill
Tax Reports

The admin would be able to manage for all the taxes that would be charged from the cutomer for example service tax, tax on additional service, luxurious facility tax and etc. It would be generated in to the admin screen.

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