Extjs Development

At optimatrix, we offer all kinds of custom ExtjS development from simple to integrate ExtjS widget on an HTML page for ExtjS plugins development, or ExtjS development by creating a rich user interface completely Web-based Application using ExtjS..

ExtjS stands out from other challenges to enable JavaScript on-rendering capabilities of the user interface. If ExtjS has not the ability to structure to the UI portion which will not be very different from other library issues: JavaScript jQuery or prototype.

Benefits of using Ext JS framework:

  • Allows inexperienced users to easily build web pages using drag-n-drop paradigm
  • Users can change web-page design selecting from a set of predefined skins
  • Developer building a web site has a full arsenal of tools to quickly create nicely looking website

If you already have a web application of ExtjS and you are looking for a company or extj developers, we're here to help you. Our ExtjS development services include maintenance or modification of existing ExtjS web-based applications.

You can get your job or a fixed amount of money or you may hire us one of our ExtjS developers to work and support your web application ExtjS repeatedly a fixed monthly price.

If you want to build a web application using ExtjS and then come into the picture. We are committed to making your business go the way you want, which means that it can be designed and custom web applications as you want.